Saturday, January 7, 2012

Realizations. :)

There comes a point in your life when you realize who is to move on forward with you in your life and who is to stay behind. The people who stayed back in your past did so for a reason, and those who made it from your past to your present did so for an even better reason. You will realize who matters, who never did and who always will. Sometimes just by looking at people you love laughing and smiling, your heart swells with happiness and that moment you know the reason. You know why they are there in your life. You know that their happiness means just as much as your own, and you know that you are going to count your blessings and not look back at the past. The past is then gone. Over.

I used to be a person who thought that planning something always brought out the best result. Today proved me wrong. After a failed attempt at completing an assignment, two of my friends and I suddenly decided to visit the beach. We travelled by two buses and finally reached our destination and it was such a pleasure to have the salty breeze welcome us so warmly

Without much ado, the three of us ran into the water, with our bags and all. For a while we just stood there, letting the water caress our feet. What a feeling it was. Then we decided to go in pairs of two so that one of us could photograph the other two. I let my friends go first as I wanted to photograph them. 

As I watched these two stand by the water and laugh out loud, I felt so warm and giddy inside. It was wonderful. I held onto my camera and photographed away to glory. While I certainly knew that these two meant a lot to me, this moment made me realize just about how much I loved these two friends of mine. 

Soon it was time for me to go and play in the water. I ran over to my friend and we played in the water. We laughed, we got wet, we posed for photographs and what not? I don't remember laughing so much in a VERY long time. I don't remember being this happy in a super very long time. 

Then my other friend came over and we decided to get drenched, head-to-toe. What an experience that was? We just sat down on the shoreline and let the waves hit us continuously. We even lay down on the shoreline so that we could be COMPLETELY drenched. We pretended to be high-five swami's meditating, trains and what not? We even ran around the shoreline, trying to drench ourselves.

In the midst of all this fun, I sat down, letting the waves hit me. I contemplated, I thought. There had been a few things that had been troubling me yesterday, and all of a sudden I realized that I didn't care anymore. I really didn't. I was happy, content and completely at peace. I thought of the people in my life and thanked God for their very existence in my life.

These two beautiful friends of mine were among the reasons why my life was actually wonderful. Their constant support, care and love was what kept me strong and made me hold on even when I badly wanted to let go. Both of them are such patient, wonderful listeners and are always there when I want to pour my heart out. Not a day goes by when I don't laugh with them. They are most definitely the most intelligent people I have ever come across, and I know for sure that when I most want to give up, they will make sure I will not.

I have always said that one true friend is worth thousand relatives and how true is that? I have never felt this happy with any relative of mine. These friends of mine make my life worthwhile. I also realized that it's better to have four to five true and loyal friends than have a hundred fake ones who wont hesitate to talk ill about you behind your back. Friendship is about loyalty, honesty, trust, support, care and love. It is not just about hanging out and taking pictures. It is about sharing, and truly caring.

To you two,
Thank you for making me realize that there are people who care for me and will be there to pick me up when I fall down. You guys are the light I see at the end of the tunnel and as long as you are there I will never be alone. I really, really love you a lot and no matter what happens, I'll always be there for you. :*


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