Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear Girl- A One Shot

Pretty, pretty please
Don't you ever, ever feel
Like your less than
Less than perfect
Pretty, pretty please
If you ever, ever feel
Like your nothing
You are perfect to me

-P!nk; F***ing Perfect (Clean Version)
Dear Girl

Dear Girl.

You don't need make-up to look beautiful. You don't need to be size zero to have a good figure. You don't need to wear mini-skirts to be attractive. You just need to be yourself. That's what's most important. Do what you like to do. Never change yourself for anyone, it's absolutely not worth it.

If God made you like this, he definitely has a reason for it. He didn't make you like this for you to change who you are. You might feel unaccepted by almost everyone around you. But, trust me, there will be someone who will accept you for who you are. There will be somewhere you will be accepted just the way you are.

Just because there are nicer and sweeter girls around doesn't mean that you are bad. You are perfect just the way you are. You might be misunderstood, judged unfairly and compared to your goody-two-shoes cousins, but that doesn't mean you are bad. It just means that they can't see you from your point of view.

You might feel like the whole world is against you, like the universe is conspiring against you. You might feel lost and lonely, cut off from the world even when you are surrounded by people around you. You might feel mistreated and ignored and mostly just unwanted, but you are special. You are special in your own way.

There will come a time when you feel tired of trying to make people understand. You'll feel like giving up. You'll feel fed up. You'll feel like nothing is worth it anymore. Just then, think of the one person or one thing that means the most to you. Think of them/it and remember, they/it are always worth it.

If others try to put you down, don't let them. If someone plays dirty, you ignore them. Not because you are weak, but because you are ten times the person that person will ever be. Let hater's be. They are only jealous 'coz they are not you.

Be proud of yourself. Embrace your individuality. Don't spend your life trying to become someone else's shadow, 'coz you lose a lifetime of being beautiful, being you. You are amazing, you are beautiful, you are perfect just the way you are.

There will be people who always find faults with you, who criticise you as if it's their birth right. Ignore them and move on. Don't give them the satisfaction of having gotten to you. You might feel like you don't belong where you are. You might not belong there, but you do belong in the world. Somewhere in this world there is a planet where you belong, wholly and fully. Remember that.

There maybe times when people don't get your feelings. They'll term it as "infatuation" and/or "crush" and just make your heart and feelings seem like shit. You might cry out to them and try to let them know that you are not too young for love and all, but it's actually better to let it be. Why? Because no one knows what goes inside your heart, except you yourself. Trust your heart, trust yourself and you will be absolutely fine.

Never give up on life. Never lose hope, no matter how bad things. Vent your feelings out. Talk to your best friends, write in a diary, listen to your favourite song or dance to your favourite tune. Or, just read this letter, again and again till you feel better. Never change yourself for someone else. Absolutely no one is worth that change. Never give up. Never harm yourself. Because the sun will rise tomorrow, bringing sunshine and warmth into your life once again.

Another girl who has seen it all :-)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Perfect Two- a One Shot

We are the Perfect Two
Cause you're the apple to my pie
You're the straw to my berry
You're the smoke to my high
And you're the one I wanna marry

Cause you're the one for me (for me)
And I'm the one for you (for you)
You take the both of us (of us)
And we're the perfect two
-Auburn; Perfect Two

Another tiring day in University for her. MBBS was definitely one of the hardest courses ever. Not even one semester had passed and she was already going crazy with all the work load. She cursed herself for her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. Sighing heavily, she grabbed her towel and rushed into the shower.

Standing under the running water was something Sonia Chopra always enjoyed. One could say it was her favourite pastime. It was highly relaxing, she would explain happily. She let the hot water wash away her tiredness and sighed happily. Happiness. She wouldn't exactly describe the past few months to have been brimming with happiness. All her friends had gone different ways and she hadn't really made any new friends in Uni.

The upcoming long weekend was an exciting idea. Finally some time off for herself. She decided to go around Uni and make a few new friends. She definitely needed that. Her stomach grumbled loudly with hunger as she hadn't eaten anything since the past four to five hours!  Groaning out loud, she got up to go to the cafeteria, when her phone started ringing loudly.

She glanced at the caller and smiled widely seeing his name. She clicked the "answer" button excitedly and greeted him with a happy "hello".

"Sonia," he said. "Hey."

"Sahil," she said. "How come you called?"

"I was looking outside at the moon last night," he said. "And it looked extra beautiful."

"And?" she asked, smiling. "What does the moon have to do with me?"

"The moon does look really beautiful," Sahil said. "But then I remembered the one face which beats even the moon when it comes to beauty."

"Aishwarya Rai's?" Sonia asked, chuckling.

"Your face," Sahil said.

She felt her face turn crimson red, or red like a tomato, as she preferred to say. She almost dropped the phone, but held onto it tightly and stammered a few words.

"Oh, really?" she asked. "I didn't know you found me beautiful."

"I always did Sonia," he said.

"You never told me before," she said, grinning cutely.

"There's always a right time for everything," he said, calmly. "Anyways, what were you doing?"

"I just showered," she said. "Yeah I know, as usual, but today I really did need it."

"When do you not need showers?" he asked, laughing.

"Never," she said, joining in the laughter. "It's so tiring here Sahil. Sometimes I curse myself for taking up this course. It always drains every ounce of energy from my body, plus I have no friends, even you are not here."

"I am not your friend?" he asked, joking. "I am highly insulted Sonia."

"I didn't mean that," Sonia said. "It's just, aargh it's tiring me Sahil. I feel like giving up, but I know I cant!"

"And you wont," Sahil said firmly. "Coz you are too amazing for that. It's just four and a half years and you'll be a free bird. Keep hanging on Sonia, 'coz I know you are one hell of a strong girl."

"Thanks Sahil," Sonia said. "I really needed that."

The two friends continued talking late into the night. Only when the lights went off did Sonia realize they had been talking for more than three whole hours. She knew that she wouldn't get any dinner now, so decided to go hungry for the night. Sahil scolded her for skipping her meal just to talk to him, but she hushed him saying she preferred talking to him than eating anyways.


The rest of the year passed away pretty uneventfully for Sonia. She made a few good friends and she felt much better about Uni. She had also started looking forward to her classes, as she realized that the workload couldn't come between her and her lifelong dream. There was something else she was looking forward for- the visit to India. She was ecstatic about it. She'd be meeting her family, her friends, and most importantly, Sahil.

In the past one year she had come to realize that he was not just another crush of hers. He was much, much more. No one had made her feel this way before. There was something about him that was so much more than just looks. The way he always called her up when she was down, the way he cutely scolded her when she neglected her food or something due to work, they way he fussed over her when she was sick (through the phone of course), it all made her fall harder and harder for him.

She smiled to herself as she looked for her parents in the crowded airport. They had told her they'd be coming, but she hadn't seen them yet. Just as she took out her phone to call them, she saw him. Her lips curved up into a beautiful smile. She ran over to him and hugged him.

"Sahil?" she exclaimed. "What a pleasant surprise!"

"Your parents wanted to come," Sahil said, grinning at her. "But I wanted to see my favourite girl, so here I am!"

"Favourite girl?" Sonia asked, blushing deeply.

"Nah I was just kidding," he said, winking at her.

"Shut up idiot," she said, punching his arm.

He grabbed her suitcase from her hand and insisted on taking it. Her attempts at getting back were futile, as he simply refused to let go.

The drive to her house was a merry one. Sonia kept on talking about anything and everything and Sahil listened to her patiently. He also kept staring at her and she had to, blushing furiously while she did, tell him to keep his eyes on the road, lest they get into an accident. That made even blush, but not as much as she did.

They arrived home, unscathed and unhurt. Her affectionate family started welcoming her very warmly, and Sahil decided he'd have to talk to her later. It was time for family right now.


The next day they two had decided to go out for coffee to the same cafe where they had gone for their first coffee outing, and also where Sonia had first told Sahil that she had a crush on him. It was really close to his place, so they decided to meet there itself.

"Hey," Sonia said, taking a seat opposite him. "This place holds...a beautiful memory."

"I know," he said. "First things first, what would you like to order?"

"A Cornetto," Sonia said.

"Just like last time," Sahil said.

"You remember?" Sonia asked, surprised.

"I remember everything about you lady," he said, with a wink.

"Okay you really should stop trying to make me blush," she said, fighting the blood rushing to her cheeks.

"Oh-my-god," she gasped. "I didn't just say what I think I just said."

"Of course you did," he said, pinching her nose. "You are such a cutie."

"Stop it yaar, its not a joke," she said, pouting.

"When did I say I was joking?" he asked. "You really are cute!"

"Shut up," she said, covering her face.

"And you just keep getting cuter," he said, enjoying seeing her getting all flustered.

"Stop flirting with me," she said.

"India allows freedom of speech," he said, fighting his laughter.

"Not if I am involved," Sonia said smugly.

"Oooh right," Sahil said. "Anyways, chuck it. It's Minty's wedding tomorrow. You are going right?"

"Of course I am," Sonia said. "She's your sister after all. I wont miss it."

"I'm glad," he said, winking.


Sonia looked at the mirror for one last time before going for the wedding. She was dressed in a beautiful red saree which enhanced her lovely figure and made her look gorgeous. She had curled her for the occasion, and to say she looked beautiful was an understatement of its own. She flicked her hair and left the room.

The wedding ceremony was going on in full swing. She saw Sahil helping out his family with the guests and she couldn't help but stare. He looked so handsome in a sherwani, so adorable, that she felt the butterflies in her stomach multiply every second. If she had her way she would have spent the entire night just staring at him, but her mom took her around to meet some very boring old people.

When her legs were sore from all the walking and she just wanted to sit down, her little cousin came to her and told her that her cousin Rupa was waiting for her in the balcony. The kid ran away after that and she couldn't help but wonder why Rupa of all people was calling her out to the balcony.


Just as she walked into the balcony, she saw not Rupa, but Sahil waiting for her there, with a smile on his face. His face shone with happiness and he gestured for her to come forward. She closed the balcony door behind her and went up to him. She knew exactly what was going to happen between them, and felt her whole self glow as the wondrous feeling enveloped her.

"This is not a Bollywood film," Sahil said. "This is not a stupid TV serial."

"I know," Sonia said.

"I am not going to make it all dramatic," he said. "I love you Sonia. I really do love you."

She didn't say a word. Instead she hugged him tightly and felt him hold her closer to him.

"I love you too Sahil," she said.

"I know," he said, running his hands through her lovely hair.

"I am a little filmy," she said. "So I will tell you that I've never felt this way about anyone else. You are very special to me. And you will always be."

"I love you," he said again. "I don't really know what else to say. I feel I love you is the perfect words to express my feelings."

"It is," she said, slowly pulling out of the hug and touching his face. "I want to make sure this is not a dream."

"It's not," he said.

He cupped her precious face in his hands and placed  a gentle and sweet kiss on her forehead. She closed her eyes to feel the moment and smiled to herself. They then walked back to the wedding party, their hands entwined together.

They were the perfect two.