Friday, December 17, 2010

Zack and Cody Martin read Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows :)

Note- This was posted on another site by me only. :) This is about my favorite twins, Zack & Cody from the Suite Life series reading the 7th Harry Potter book. :) Cheers!

Zack & Cody read Deathly Hallows
Zack-Cody One Shot
Disclaimer:- I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters, neither do I own Zack & Cody Martin.

Zack and Cody Martin had just returned from the nearest Borders with their copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The Harry Potter books were the only books besides comic books that Zack enjoyed to read. Cody, on the other hand was a voracious reader. Carey bought each of them their own copy because the last time she had bought a Harry Potter book for the twins, they had almost torn the book apart and fought like a pair of stray dogs for the book. She wouldn't make the same mistake again, so she bought two copies.

After finishing his homework, Cody started reading his book. He was very excited and wanted to know how the much awaited ending to mind-blowing saga. Zack finished playing video games for a while and joined his brother. He was a slow reader usually, but the Harry Potter books were an exception. Both of them were flipping through the pages at the same speed, and it was no doubt that they were reading the same line and word at the same time.

"Ouch," Cody said.

"What's wrong?" Zack asked, it being his natural response.

"Ouch," Cody said once again. "Poor George Weasley. He lost an ear. Though I feel more bad for Fred...he is the one who must be hurting more. You know right the-"

"Twin thing," Zack completed. "Yeah, I am also sure Fred must be hurting much more. Normal friendships and sibling relationships are nothing compared to a relationship shared between twins...especially identical the Weasleys...and us."

"We are nothing like the Weasleys, Zack," Cody said, chuckling.

"We are," Zack said gravely. "Now shut up and let me read the book. You broke my concentration."

Both of them went back to reading their books.

That night, around 3 am, the Martin twins were still up reading their books. They were almost done. Zack and Cody, both, were deeply engrossed in the novel, and their eyes moved from one word to the other, fully transfixed on the novel. It was fascinating actually, watching the way they mirrored each others actions while reading the books. Except once. Cody heard his brother whimper and turned to look at him. He saw big, fat tears falling from Zack's eyes, wetting his copy of the novel.

"Oi what's wrong?" Cody asked, surprised. "Why are you crying?"

"Fred Weasley died," Zack said, unable to believe what he had just read.

"Oh...that," Cody said. "Yeah...I know...don't cry's just a book."

"How could he just die?" Zack continued. "What about George? Twins aren't supposed to get separated. They just can't. I mean twins have to stick together...bonded for life."

"Yeah Zack," Cody said a bit uncomfortably. "But you's only a book."

"IT'S NOT JUST A BOOK!" Zack bellowed. "It's about...oh my god how could Fred just leave his twin brother and die? What must George be going through?"

"Zacko-" Cody said. "You-"

"What if you just died like that?" Zack asked.

"I wont," Cody said. "I mean neither are we wizards, nor are we under war, so-"

"NO YOU IDIOT!" Zack yelled. "I meant what if something happened to you and you just died...leaving me all alone?"

"I wont-"

"See if I died it wont be such a big problem," Zack said. "You are smart and intelligent...and you are the stronger one among us. Am sure you will manage. But what am I without you?"

"Zacko don't ever say that again!" Cody said sternly, sitting next to his brother, patting his back. "I am nothing without you...we are friends."

"See Codester am sorry for all the times I've been mean to you," Zack said. "I mean I did all that because you are my brother...I would murder anyone who treats you bad!"

"Yeah I know," Cody said, chuckling.

"It's NOT funny Cody," Zack said. "Promise you will never leave me and go. We will always be together...we are twins...we stick together till the very end."

"I promise," Cody said, giving his elder twin a tight hug. "I really promise."

"When we die, we die together," Zack said firmly.

"Yes," Cody said, softly.

"There will never be an only Zack or only Cody," Zack continued. "There will always be Zack and Cody - the biggest pranksters in the history of the world."

"Yeah," Cody said, grinning. "Of course!"

"And if I am ever rude to you-"

"Then I will know you have returned to normal-"

"Then you can give me a tight smack across my face," Zack finished. "Deal?"

"Ooh that ought to be fun," Cody said. "Deal."

The twins hugged each other tightly and Cody went back to his bed. He shut his book and saw his brother did the same. After saying their daily prayers, he switched off the light. Zack and Cody, partners in crime forever together went to sleep. They were best friends and twins. They were incomplete without each other. They just were.
The End
So am done. A One-Shot on the two coolest pair of twins...mainly on my personal fave- Zack & Cody. I wanted to write this on Dylan & Cole, actually, because I feel the Sprouses are more like the Weasley twins more than the Martins. But this website wont let me do that, so yeah. LOL. Please do review,
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Adolf Hitler & Lord Voldemort- Similar Much? :)

Hey friends,

I am finally back with another blogpost. The seventh movie in the Harry Potter series came out on 19th November 2010. Ever since the 21st when I saw the movie, my Pottermania has returned. I am back to long researches on google, reading the books again and again and again and what not!

Being a world history nut, I had this deep thought in my mind where I penned down the similarities (again, in my mind) between the character of Lord Voldemort with that of Adolf Hitler, the infamous Nazi leader. The very first thought that comes into my mind is their heritage...erm I mean their religion/blood and ancestry. Hitler was believed to be half-Jewish, while Voldemort is a half-blood wizard (his father being a muggle and his mother a witch).

Then comes their bad childhood. Neither of the two dictators were remembered to have a pleasant childhood. Both had nasty and depressing childhood, being a stepping stone for their deviation to the dark path. Just like Hitler had a particular dislike...make that hatred for the Jews and anyone he considered inferior to him. He went on to torture them, hurt them & eventually kill them. Similarly, Voldemort hated Muggle borns and anyone inferior to him and went ahead to kill them and torture him using curses like the Cruciatis Curse (ouch).

Just like Hitler gathered support and followers using his convincing power and ability to move the crowd with his words, Voldemort manipulated fellow wizards and gained supporters using his charm. Both had a manipulative nature. Just has Hitler remains one of the most feared and cruel dictators in human history, Voldemort continued to be the most feared and cruel dark wizards in the wizarding history.

That's not it. Remember the Wizarding War 1 & 2? Doesn't it bear an uncanny resemblance to the World War 1 & 2, especially the World War 2? The way how most of the Jews went into hiding, sometimes with their Christian friends or in confidence of their friends? That's the same way many wizarding families, including the Potters went into hiding using the Fidelius Charm! Also how Hitler had his secret army (the SS) to do the dirty work for him, Voldemort had the army of Death Eaters to do the dirty work for him.

Voldemort is in my honest opinion, a caricature of the cruel and evil Adolf Hitler itself. It's commendable how J.K. Rowling blended the real life happenings in our muggle world (the wars) perfectly with the wars in Harry's world. Voldemort is just as crazy, cruel and murderous as Hitler was. An real caricature...something I guess many didn't guess, and many crazy girls like me, did.

Note- This was not to mock at or make fun of the great authoress. I am myself a HUGE (an understatement of it's own) fan of J.K. Rowling, and aspire to reach her standards one day, as a writer myself. :)

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Sunday, October 31, 2010


This is something I had written last year on my previous blog, the password of which I'm unable to retrieve.


I wasn't afraid and I knew it. I couldn't understand why it always ended up like this. Always ended up with me in the dark cold, alone, lost, lifeless. Somehow I always made it out of there, relatively unscathed, physically atleast.

But mentally I was scarred, the scars embedded so deep inside of me that there was no way they would ever fade away. The memories of those days, those horrid days, hound me even today. Though I know I'm far from there, safe and cozy (once again, physically), the nightmares never fail to visit. I repeatedly beg them to go away, to leave me alone, yes, I wanted to be alone.

The pain of living even after he didn't, the excruciating piercing pain of the invisible knife repeatedly stabbing my heart, was slowly turning into numbness. I was growing immune to the stabbing, but not to the pain, the pain never left me.

I thought of those carefree days of my life. The days where he was around, to lift up my spirits, to guard me from all evils, protecting me in those strong, warm hands of his...those days were over. Now came the days when I had to fight with nature to kill myself, to end this horrid torture called life.

Everybody said I would get over it and I tried to believe them, but deep down I knew that nothing would ever be the same. I would never be alright again. Running away from home was an option, but I had no home.

Four years ago from this date I was just another sixteen year old in the orphanage. He, strong and handsome, at the age of seventeen had visited for a school project. We became friends and soon much much beyond that. He rescued me from there and promised a lifetime together, till eternity.

But promises are never kept...don't take me wrong, he tried his level best, but one evening, when the gray clouds engulfed the clouds, an omen perhaps. Just like in any movies the gang of villains came to attack us. But unlike any movie, the villains emerged victorious. My brave hero fought till his last breath, injured as many as he could.

The evil tried to kill me, but they didn't succeed. I wish they had, then he and I would still be together. I escaped, unscathed. I fought against my own life for three whole years trying to find a loophole in nature which would make my work so much easier. But, alas. Nature defied me, death defied me.

But today I'm prepared. I have been planning for a while, to end it, for once and for all. I looked down the cliff and saw a long stretch of nothing. I walked to the edge, opened my arms wide and smiled.

Bending down slightly, I took a leap. The wind was soaring in my face, what a marvellous feeling! This is how flying must feel. I couldn't enjoy the pleasurable feeling for long because I crashed. Usually a person would weep because of the pain, but I'm not just another person.

I felt myself rolling in a crippled position, unable to move. My smile turned even more wide. During the last few moments of my life I decided to think about all the beautiful memories with him: our first meeting, our first date, our confession, our first kiss, our plans for the future. I felt my breath rate going slower and I knew what my last thought would be. The reponse to his last words I will wait.

"I'm here," I said, breathing my last.

I opened my eyes in heaven and saw him. I ran into his arms felt them snake around me protectively. I hid my face in his naked chest. Yes, I was home.

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