Monday, December 6, 2010

Adolf Hitler & Lord Voldemort- Similar Much? :)

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I am finally back with another blogpost. The seventh movie in the Harry Potter series came out on 19th November 2010. Ever since the 21st when I saw the movie, my Pottermania has returned. I am back to long researches on google, reading the books again and again and again and what not!

Being a world history nut, I had this deep thought in my mind where I penned down the similarities (again, in my mind) between the character of Lord Voldemort with that of Adolf Hitler, the infamous Nazi leader. The very first thought that comes into my mind is their heritage...erm I mean their religion/blood and ancestry. Hitler was believed to be half-Jewish, while Voldemort is a half-blood wizard (his father being a muggle and his mother a witch).

Then comes their bad childhood. Neither of the two dictators were remembered to have a pleasant childhood. Both had nasty and depressing childhood, being a stepping stone for their deviation to the dark path. Just like Hitler had a particular dislike...make that hatred for the Jews and anyone he considered inferior to him. He went on to torture them, hurt them & eventually kill them. Similarly, Voldemort hated Muggle borns and anyone inferior to him and went ahead to kill them and torture him using curses like the Cruciatis Curse (ouch).

Just like Hitler gathered support and followers using his convincing power and ability to move the crowd with his words, Voldemort manipulated fellow wizards and gained supporters using his charm. Both had a manipulative nature. Just has Hitler remains one of the most feared and cruel dictators in human history, Voldemort continued to be the most feared and cruel dark wizards in the wizarding history.

That's not it. Remember the Wizarding War 1 & 2? Doesn't it bear an uncanny resemblance to the World War 1 & 2, especially the World War 2? The way how most of the Jews went into hiding, sometimes with their Christian friends or in confidence of their friends? That's the same way many wizarding families, including the Potters went into hiding using the Fidelius Charm! Also how Hitler had his secret army (the SS) to do the dirty work for him, Voldemort had the army of Death Eaters to do the dirty work for him.

Voldemort is in my honest opinion, a caricature of the cruel and evil Adolf Hitler itself. It's commendable how J.K. Rowling blended the real life happenings in our muggle world (the wars) perfectly with the wars in Harry's world. Voldemort is just as crazy, cruel and murderous as Hitler was. An real caricature...something I guess many didn't guess, and many crazy girls like me, did.

Note- This was not to mock at or make fun of the great authoress. I am myself a HUGE (an understatement of it's own) fan of J.K. Rowling, and aspire to reach her standards one day, as a writer myself. :)

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  1. Ammu,am very proud of you....Amma

  2. Well done, Muthu; enjoyed reading your really authentic & imaginative comparison of the two 'characters'.
    Cograts; keep it up.

    Love, Muthan

  3. Beautifully written Sherni.

    Enjoyed reading and Keep writing more,

    Best wishes,


  4. My "Rowling" Kutty

    Very creative and well written.


  5. true... if we notice...both of them had a thirst to come to power and the hunger just grew with time....
    Remorse was something that they lacked... the emotions of humanity far gone and wide!!
    A nice parallel are one smart girl:D

  6. I might not be a great fan of the author but I really like your line of thought here. Maybe Hitler was an inspiration to JK Rowling. Your comparisons are very valid as well.