Tuesday, January 17, 2012


In ten years I’d like to be happy. Like truly happy. Blissfully happy. I would love it if after ten years, every day of mine is filled with happiness, not of the usual kind, but that ultimate happiness. I would like to be in peace with myself. I want to get rid of my insecurities and I want to truly accept myself for who I am. I am on the process of doing that, but, perhaps I’m not just there yet. Don’t worry, I will get there soon enough.
In ten years from now I hope to be on a road trip with my closest friends, and blogging about it later on. Or perhaps during the road trip itself? I might actually end up reading this very post then. Okay, I’m starting to sound dumb now. :/ But yes, that’s the intention. Road trip. Friends. Live laugh love. :D
I also hope to be a published author by then. I want to change lives just like my role model J.K. Rowling did. I want to create stories that will live on in the hearts of my readers for the rest of their lives. I want them to escape into my stories when their own lives are too harsh. I want them to find solace and peace in them. I want children to grow up with my characters. I want to introduce at least one child to the joy of reading. :)
There’s one more thing though. Ten years from now I hope to be living up the mountains in a nice cozy cabin. The wind would be howling outside, and the fire would be roaring inside. There will be a nice cozy couch in which I would snuggle, with a nice book in one hand and a cup of hot chocolate in the other.
Dreams. :’)


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  2. We have pretty similar dreams, save the two dogs and a frog and the beach house.

    Road trip is totally happening. B)

    1. I just saw the reply button. :D
      And you commented for the first time. Thanks ya. :D

      I'll have mountain house, you have beach house. :D

      Of course. B) We'll troll loads of innocent people. \m/