Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Alcohol & Drugs: My view. :)

Just about a few months ago I used to be strictly anti-alcohol. I used to think that drinking was a disgusting habit and ought to be curbed. But then came along this fantasy of mine to get drunk. Like fully drunk. To get high that one single time and just forget about it after that. I thought it’d be fun. I still do, as a matter of fact.
Now, I honestly believe that occasional drinking is not a crime. To go out, socialize for a bit and have a glass of beer/wine/gin/whiskey might not be such a bad thing after all. Some people might even view it as polite. Social drinking is not a problem. As long as one knows to keep her/his drinking under control, it not ought to be a problem. Only if a person resorts to alcohol as a source of comfort or escapade, only then does it become a problem. This will eventually lead to alcoholism, which leads to destruction of physical, mental, emotional and social well being. 
Media largely depicts alcohol as something people resort to when they’ve undergone a break up or a financial crisis. In movies and shows they show the characters going to a bar, drinking their heart out and walking home in a drunken stupor. Media has a large influence on the average person’s life, believe it or not. After seeing this, young (or old) people might end up imitating the character’s actions. Just imagine, while they are walking home, what if they meet with an accident, or get sexually assaulted or die due to overdose? Isn’t that a much more horrible problem than a mere break up? Seriously!
One more thing I can’t understand is the orthodox belief that women mustn’t drink as it’s vile and cheap for them to do so. Why is that so? Just because we belong to the ‘fairer sex’ doesn’t make us any less of humans. Yes, there is the safety bit involved, so in case a woman is going for a drink, it surely is advisable that she has another female friend with her, for obvious safety reasons. If men can drink, so can women. Honestly, I know women drinkers and men drinkers. Some of my very good friends drink occasionally, and trust me when I say that these women are way better than some of the sober men I’ve met in my life as well. So yeah.
Coming to drugs, I think it’s quite stupid for people to experiment with it. Deaths due to drug overdose is more common than deaths due to alcohol abuse. The negative effects of drugs are worse than those of alcohol. I would never, ever try out drugs, because I think I know better than that. I also know to not judge people on their decisions to turn to drugs or alcohol, because frankly, judging is just not right.
At the end of the day I might end up drinking alcohol occasionally in the future, but I know for sure that I will never experiment with drugs. Never.

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