Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An open letter. :)

Dear Crush,
I honestly have no idea what to write to you because I don’t even know whether you qualify as a crush anymore or not, but yeah, I’m still going to write to you. I don’t really believe in the great love anymore. I’ve become really cynical about the concept off late, and trust me, you have no hand in all of that. It’s just something that came from within. I don’t really think I’m capable of being loved like that anyways, but that’s not it.
It is seeing people around me, their obsession with love and boyfriends and relationships. It’s also seeing how people almost lose themselves because of their so called ‘loves’. I don’t like that. Even when I did believe in the great love I knew I was incapable of making my love or boyfriend or husband the center of existence. My family, my friends, my writing and all have been around for way too long for me to weigh one person over all of them/that.
I’ve seen how lightly people take the concept of love. Even after seeing each other for like five years, they conveniently break up and decide they were not meant to be together. What, didn’t they know that during the five years of dating? Did they only suddenly realize how incompatible they are? Bullshit, I tell you. 
Yes, I know I don’t know their story, but still, everything is so frivolous around me, that I don’t believe in the existence of the great, true, everlasting love anymore. The world around us is constantly changing and people are changing and no one values relationships anymore. I’m not talking about romantic relationships, I’m talking about human relations in general. It’s a pity, really.
Then again, I frankly told my mother the other day that I wont marry someone just for the societies or my parent’s convenience. It is my life at the end of the day and I wont compromise on that for any reason. I simply wont. So yes, I’m confused. But I can openly say that I don’t believe in the great love anymore, but if it happens, well and good, and if it doesn’t, well and good again. :)
I wish you all the best in life and may you achieve whatever you want to. :)
That’s the most I could write without giving away who you are, so yeah. :D

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