Monday, October 17, 2011




When my parents had first informed me that I would be moving to another city to pursue my higher education, I rebelled. I fought, I cried. I didn’t want to leave my wonderful life in Hyderabad and make a fresh start. I hated changes. I blackmailed them, I brought up old issues and examples when moving didn’t really do me good. But my parents stood firmly on their ground. I was going to move, and that was final. I hated having to not just leave my few school friends behind, but also my mother and little sister.

One day before the college re-opened, my dad and I arrived in the new city. Before he left for work he handed over to me a new Dell laptop, which surely did take my mind off Hyderabad temporarily. All day I stayed online, talked to my close online friends, my best friend back in Hyderabad, cousins etc, about this new change.

Early next morning I was up and ready for college. As I arrived there, I saw a large crowd which naturally intimidated me. I wasn’t fond of crowds. I stood amongst the crowd, looking around aimlessly and a little lost. I hoped for a familiar face, perhaps. Just then a girl came and introduced herself to me and I made a friend on the very first day of college. Unexpected, truly unexpected.

I adapted to the college lifestyle and new city lifestyle pretty well. The silent girl who at that point of time sat in front of me and I got along pretty well. She had a very different point of view to life. She liked challenges; she liked doing everything with a smile on her face. She was sincere towards her work and gave her best shot at everything. She was forever smiling and didn’t like to get into controversies or feel upset about anything. Live and let live was her motto. She is now one of my closest friends over here, a sister, someone who never fails to put a smile on my face with her outlook towards life.

Facebook has forever been one of my best companions, always there for me to while away time and get rid of boredom. I randomly started chatting with one of my classmates, about a project of course. Soon after that we would chat on a daily basis, about a lot of random disconnected stuff. She was extremely intelligent, a talented writer and singer. I realized we are quite alike, not fully though. Soon I started pouring out my tiny little life’s problems to her. She would listen, patiently, empathize, sympathize and relate. It felt good to have a friend who didn’t judge me and actually just listened. Today she is also one of my closest friends over here, a sister, a confidante, someone I trust with my life and it’s secrets.

Then came along the third one. The Harry Potter friend. How could we not befriend each other, having a mutual passionate love for Harry Potter (also known as my first true love)? The first few days were filled with continuous Harry Potter talk. HP this, HP that. She was impatient, short-tempered, friendly and bubbly. Over the time we started talking about things other than Harry Potter, like day-to-day incidents and such. I learnt that she stayed close by, so we would find more time to talk on the way home. She loved to criticize my eating habits and my laziness, but I almost always took it well. Today she is a sister, a Harry Potter sister if I may add and almost every day I stop by at her place after college for like an hour and we go on trolling, talking and having fun.

I have about 13 very good friends here. It is quite shocking, because back in Hyderabad I was extremely socially awkward. I had about 2-3 good friends in school, and of course my best friend who was sadly enough no longer studying in the same school as me. These 13 friends make my day. We have loads of fun in class laughing, talking, pranking, taking photographs and in short, making memories.

These people have accepted me for who I am: the weird, talkative, crazy, a little annoying, chilled out, prankster. They haven’t tried to change me at all, and they perhaps have no idea how much I appreciate that. Every day I look forward to going to college just to meet these 13 friends. I could care less about what is being taught. Okay. I am really not supposed to say that.

Anyways, after college we go to the mini-mall next door and hang around there until we are chucked out by the security guards with very little tolerance. We part with warm hugs and smiles. Every day I go back home with a genuine smile on my face. My Harry Potter friend and I keep discussing all the way home how much we love and adore our friends. It has become a daily routine of sorts.

I don’t regret coming to the new city. Not anymore. I am happy here and I have found the most amazing friends I could ever ask for. I love them so very much and I perhaps tell this to them a lot too, because I’m just so glad to have them in my life, people who make my every ordinary day extraordinary.




Thank you, my dear friends.

I really do love you all.

With love,
The Midnight Queen

“Der lagi lekin
Maine ab hai
Jeena seekh liya
Jaise bhi ho din
Maine ab hai
Jeena seekh liya
Ab maine…
Yeh jaana hai
Khushi hai kya
Gum kya..
Ab maine..
Yeh jaana hai
Kise kahoon apna

-Der Lagi Lekin; Zindaggi Na Milegi Dobara


  1. Thank you mommy#2. :) You are among the 13, bytheway.

  2. That was a fabulous one on Friends Nidz..:) Really touchy and amazingly written..

  3. Its rude of me to ask questions here. But i saw u liked Jab love hua and u were a member of priya badlani fan club. After a long time i remembered about the serial and nostalgia took over. Do u have any idea, what happened to priya means why see stopped acting?. I was seeing the episodes and realised she was really talented but when i searched on google i was not able to find any info about why she stopped acting.

  4. ^^Please don't creep me out like this. I really have no idea. I didn't even have this blog back then. That was like what, 4 years ago? I honestly find this slightly creepy, anyways. I have no idea. Really.