Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to the Nazi rule?

So in a particular educational organization a teacher gives her students an assignment to do. Fine. But there is a catch! Once the assignment is done, the teacher would grade them and classify her students as Excellent, Average and Below Average / Below Redemption. She mentioned that she'd shower the excellent and below average students with her attention, while the average students would be left to their own fate.

It is ironic how the same people talk about progress and development. My question is Why use medieval measures to achieve development? It sounds pretty absurd to me. Why is it necessary to classify students based on one freaking assignment. How can a person judge a students intellect like that? And judging itself is morally wrong.

The teacher might be thinking that she is commanding respect from her students and probably believes that the not-so-studious students will stop lazing around and study hard. But did she think of the effect it will have on her students? Did she think of the drastic psychological set back it'll have on them?

When a student is classified as an average or below average student, the self esteem of the person will drop down drastically. It's easy to say the torment is only for three years, but to be honest, the classification might leave them mentally and emotionally scarred forever. I remember living in perpetual fear during my seventh grade because of the treatment given to me by my English teacher then. I used to come home and cry everyday, not wanting to attend school the next day. It took quite a long time and wonderful teachers to bring back my love for the subject.

And it's not just about the psychological effects here. This classification will also cause an unnecessary rift among the students of an otherwise friendly class. There will be unwanted rows and arguments in the class, eventually leading to disharmony in the class. There are many students who want to escape this fights and disputes in school classrooms, and due to all this, it'll lead to the same in college also.

Why do these teachers think that they can classify students based on their intellect? Do they know them well enough? Even a psychotic killer could be extremely intelligent, while a humanitarian might be a notch less intelligent. Now does it seem like a fair classification? Do you know what this reminds me of?

Hitler and the Nazis. They had a stupid and unwanted prejudice against the Jews, causing discrimination and what not? I'm not saying that the teacher would end up murdering all the average/below average students, but...but she would  be slowly killing their self esteem and confidence level. Is that fair? Absolutely not!

I know that I probably don't make no sense whatsoever. Pardon me, for I wrote this article at 12:53 am, and I am, quite sleepy. I know I didn't even end it properly, that is due to my frustration. :(

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Midnight Queen.