Sunday, March 23, 2014

My summer vacation bucket list

 College's getting over in a month, and very long summer is awaiting me. My mind is usually a scatterbrain of various ideas that I want to implement, but I very rarely actually carry out any of them. So to make sure that I do stick to the various plans I am making, I am going to jot down an officially 'college's-over-now-what-shall-I-do-for-the-summer' list.

Here we go.

1. The day my exams are over, I am going to take off on a three to four day vacation with two of my best friends. No cell phone, no laptop, no books. No contact with the outside world. Well, we do have to contact our parents twice a day, but that's it. Completely leaving the world behind and taking time after a very strenuous timetable to finally enjoy life. We are all going separate ways after this, and such an opportunity might not present itself again.

2. Write a novel! I have been putting this off since I have dreamt of it. I don't know what it is – my constant self doubt that badgers me when I'm writing, or the fact that I procrastinate way too much. I have so many ideas – ideas that I'm super proud of – but I just keep putting it off. With the long vacation in front of me, I am going flesh out an entire novel and write it. Yes, I am going to do that.

3. Rewatch Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf. I love these two shows, I dearly do, but with so much going on, I simply am not able to keep up with their complex plots. I want to watch them again, notice all the simple nuances and finally see through the amazing storylines.

4. Reread Harry Potter. It's been THREE YEARS since I did this the last time. It's quite self explanatory. I need to make time to let the magic into my life again, and relive my wonderful, beautiful childhood.

5. Go to Kerala. Spend about a month there. My last few visits to Kerala have been about three-four days long. My ageing grandpa and grandma are there, and it's about time that I take time off to spend with them. They deserve it, after all they have done for me. Maybe I can revisit my childhood once again – this time in a more personal, familial and different way – before I take off into the rut and gut of adulthood.

6. Take a day out and spend it by myself. I don't know what I do, but it should be by myself. Of course, it includes a movie. I have been wanting to watch a movie alone since forever, and this would be the right chance. Eat out, travel on my own, be with no one but myself, and enjoy the calming effect of blissful solitude.

7. Bake a rainbow cake. Okay. This was something I wanted to do for my best friend's birthday, but I do think I need to practice a lot more. Watching Masterchef Australia (my happy show) had instilled in me, the desire to bake. The rainbow cake baked by Liliana Battle is something that has stuck with ever since, and there is no way I am not going to bake it this summer, and relish every single bite of it.

8. Cook for my best friends and family. I was the Home Science topper in my school, and I still haven't cooked for my friends and family. What is wrong with me? This summer, I am so going to cook an elaborate meal for them, showing them just how much they mean to me.

9. Go on a spa trip with one of my close friends. This plan has been pending since forever as well.

10. Be happy happy happy.  

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