Monday, April 18, 2011

Virat Kohli- An Inspiration for the Indian Youth

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I am back after a really long time. My board exams are over and I am finally relaxing and enjoying myself. :) Along with the board exams, the Cricket World Cup 2011 also got over, and what an end it was. It couldn't have ended in a better way, and I am so proud to say that I could witness such an epic and historic moment in my life.

During this World Cup I came to notice a young Indian player- Virat Kohli. Just 22 years old, he is just 5 years older than  me. At first I noticed him as the most handsome player in the team. Obviously, that was enough for a teenage girl. I remember post the world cup final, everyone was saying that Gautam Gambhir, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh saved the day. As far as I knew, from twitter ofcourse, the India team was partly out of danger due to the 83 run partnership made by Gautam Gambhir & Virat Kohli. Then why was Kohli mostly left out of the praises?

The runs of the four players on the day of the final were as follows- Yuvraj Singh (21), Virat Kohli (35), Mahendra Singh Dhoni (91) and Gautam Gambhir (97). I failed to understand why Kohli wasn't getting his due. Anyways, that added to my interest, and I started doing my research on him.

The first part of my research was of course the great Wikipedia. Under the First Class Cricket heading of his wikipedia page, was written that he was noticed when he played for Delhi in a Ranjhi Trophy match against Karnataka. His father had died early that morning, and yet he was at the stadium to play for his team. His 90 run innings were crucial for Delhi's victory that day. And this was in 2006 when he was 17 years old, the same age I am today.

Only a person with remarkable passion and love for what he or she is doing can go ahead and do something so so...remarkable. It takes great courage and emotional strength to play such a wonderful innings on the morning of your father's death. At the age of 17 one is still a child, not fully matured.

Then I read a lot of articles and saw a lot of interviews on the achievements of Virat Kohli. He is the first Indian to make a century in his world cup debut match [his 100* against BD in the opening WC match]. For the short while he has been playing International cricket his averages are really good.

Another thing that stuck out to me from the articles were the mentions about the change in his attitude. Many articles said that earlier he appeared to a "young talented lad in love with his own game". He admits to have been carried away by the fame that IPL gave him [post the success of the U-19 cup]. These are his very words-

I think I lost my way in the first year (of IPL) very badly and I admit to it. I was taken by the fame, so many people coming to watch and it was all first for me. Some people can deal with it but I couldn't. I didn't do well in the IPL but scored a century in the Emerging Players' tournament in Australia. (Dilip) Vengsarkar (the chairman of selectors) was there and he gave me a break in the national team after which things have only improved for me. That Emerging Players' tournament was the turning point of my career

It takes a great deal of courage to own up to your mistakes. Only a strong individual can do that. Unlike what most teenagers would have done in such a position, Kohli was determined to change his attitude and work towards the best. This again is from his own words-
What people were talking about my attitude during first IPL was right to a certain extent. I have accepted the criticism and tried to take it in the right spirit. There are two ways to deal with it; either you ignore it and keep continuing in the same way doing the same mistakes or you can accept the criticism and rectify it. And I took the second approach

A word that defines Virat Kohli is confidence. Confidence oozes out of him, and we can see that when we see him play. I saw him play live on the IPL2011 match "Deccan Chargers vs Royal Challengers Bangalore". I must say I am privileged to watch such a great innings by the rising star. So, as I was saying when I saw him play I saw just one thing- confidence. Confidence in his abilities, confidence in his talent, confidence in his game. Isn't that what the youth is all about? Confidence?

I am naturally confident. If I believe in my own ability I don't see anything else in the field. I had in mind I had done well in Australia and might get a chance soon. -Virat Kohli

Why I believe Virat Kohli is an ideal inspiration for the Indian Youth is because he achieved a lot of success and has fulfilled his dreams at a young age of 22. Such an example is an inspiration to the youth who believe in going after their dreams at a young age. It's an inspiration for the ones who don't want to wait till they are in their mid 30's to achieve their dreams. Virat Kohli is a living example and a proof that one doesn't need to go through twisted ways, or wait for a long time to achieve their dreams. He is a proof that one can use the straight and honest path & yet achieve a lot in a very short time.
This is why Virat Kohli is my hero. This is why a 22 year old young guy is my hero. This is why I think he is an inspiration for the Indian youth. It's not because of his good looks, it's because of his perseverance, his patience, talent, confidence & honestly. It's because he was able to admit to his mistake and rectify it. Kudos to you Mr. Kohli. 

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. - Christopher Reeve.

A hero is one who knows how to hang on one minute longer. - Novalis.

Thank you for reading,
Midnight Queen

P.S. I wish Virat Kohli all the success in life. :)


  1. Very well written Nidheya, great research on Virat Kohli! Infact I wasnt aware of some of the facts you pointed out, great work! Also, I dont entirely agree with u mentioning that Kohli was left out of the praise in the WC final, infact it was widely reported and accepted that It was kohli and Gambhir who intitially stabilised the innings!
    Plus I think Kohli stumped the nation with the wonderful line on sachin where he said that Sachin had carried the burden of the nation for 21 years, its only fair we carry him now! Wonderfully said for a man so young! :)
    Being an ardent follower of the game, I have noticed the change in attitude and that is wonderful augers well for him and India!

  2. Eee thanks for the comment :D
    Haha that bit was from my observations on IF. There were very few who were giving him credit. :(

    Anyways thanks :)))

  3. Brilliantly written Article Nidz. I agree with every single word you've written there.
    I think I noticed this guy during the World Cup Finals. I think he did an outstanding job. He partly got India out of the danger due to Sachin's dismissal. I think the youth have a long way to go, and sure enough, Kohli will become a big name just like Tendulkar. :D Truly amazing Nidz. Sigh, I feel I've lost touch with my writing skills! Thanks for inspiring me to write something too Nidz :D

    Btw, it's me, Rachna :P

  4. Hey Nidheya,

    Excellent article. I would like to add a small thing here which i missed reading here may be you can add it here. Virat kohli was the captain of the Indian team that won the Under 19 world cup in 2007 ( i am not sure about the year).

    He is a great player indeed and has a long way to go. As long as he can keep up the passion he has for the game and have a temperament to handle the ups and downs associated with Cricket, we can expect great things from him.

  5. Hey Deepti Di :)
    Yep, I knew about the U-19 world cup victory. :D I even mentioned it I think...not fully, but in short :P

    Thanks :D

  6. Great research yr.. Its true his effort had gone un-appreciated... And please do blog regulary.

  7. Hey Deepika :) :)
    Thanks a ton :) And yes, his effort is not as noticed...I hope with due time he gets his due :D

    And yep, I will :)