Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I dared -A short story


A quick update from me. Shocker right. :) I just had this random idea in my mind and wrote this story down. :P Nope, am not suffering from depression or anything. This is just a fictional story. :D

Enjoy :-)

I dared - a short story by the Midnight Queen

I was the loud, boisterous girl who hated the limelight. I was crazy, I was wild and I was, well me. All those numerous advertisements which screamed and screeched for people to dare to be different were I guess, made for me. I dared to be different. I dared to speak my mind. I dared to stand up for myself and my family. I dared to go out wearing track pants and a loose top. I dared to go to parties without applying make-up. I dared to laugh out loud when I found something hilarious instead of covering my mouth and giggling like a silly girl. I dared to be a not so typical girl. I dared to be me. And…I dared to love him.

Who is he? He’s the man I’ll love my whole life but perhaps never get. He’s the funny, handsome, charming, and wonderful man I’m in love with. And will always love. It’s funny how people mistake my feelings of love to be that of infatuation. Well at first I didn’t argue, because I hardly knew him. But now that I do know him, I know it’s not infatuation. It’s love. And you know what the sad part is? He doesn’t know I exist…and if life is as brutal as it appears, he never will.

And from what I’ve heard and seen, he’s with another girl. One of those girls. Those girls who are not worth him. The type of girl I’ll never be. The silly, giggly, scantily clad girls with a figure to kill for. The girl I could be if I tried. But I won’t. Because she’s not me. She just lusts after his good looks. She’s mean, rude and arrogant. Not that I claim to be the nicest person on earth. I’m known to have attitude problems, but hey, in my process to be myself and stay true to myself I’ve, I guess stopped caring what people think about me. That doesn’t mean I am not likeable. I am said to be warm and lovable, friendly, loud and talkative…with the people I love.

My friends and family told me that I just lust after his insanely good looks. I argue. That’s not true. Sure enough it’s those good looks which captured my attention, but it’s his personality, attitude and he himself which captured my heart. He had also dared to be different. And so did I. He loves (or so I heard), another woman, and I love him. I always will. I have dared to love him knowing that there is a 95% chance of heartbreak.

I dared to dream that he’d know me and fall truly, madly and deeply in love with. I dream that he and I would dance in the pouring rain and share a kiss in the rain, just like Noah and Allie did in The Notebook. I dream that he and I would lie under the sky, gazing at the stars, our hands (and hearts) entwined, and that he’d whisper into my ear that he is in love with me. I dream that he’d introduce me to his family and friends, holding my hand saying ”She’s the girl, the girl I love”, and I’d do the same with my family and friends. I dream that he’d take me to a romantic dinner and get down on his knees and ask me to marry him.

And then I snap out of my beautiful dreams and face the grave reality that he doesn’t know me…he hasn’t noticed me yet. There’s a terrible pain in my heart just as I see him and her walk down the street, oblivious to my existence. He accidentally looks at me, smiles politely and walks away with her. A new glimmer of hope starts burning in my heart. I smile to myself and go inside. Perhaps he’d love me after all. Perhaps that polite smile he gave me was the start of something new, something…beautiful.

Despite all I know that the chances are bleak…the chances of him loving me are so  little. After all I’m no her. I am me, the not so typical girl who dared to be different. And I dared to love him, selflessly. I dared to hope, keep faith and dream. After all, both of us had dared to be different. I dared to let my heart beat for him. I dared…

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Midnight Queen