Saturday, January 22, 2011

Exams...exams...exams...go AWAY :-(

Hello everyone,

Exams exams exams...the one word which is taunting all 10th and 12th graders around India. They never end, do they? Even after twelve years of school, we have a minimum of at least five years of examinations to follow, for some even more. Even though the half-yearly examinations just got over, a few weeks ago, most of us are facing the crazy great preliminary exams so soon! Not even a month's worth of gap between the two! :( Notice the number of times I have used the word examinations in the paragraph...there goes another one... :P

 On Monday the 24th, starts our pre-finals....YAYY! How cool is that...I hope you noted the sarcasm. Portions half done (and half forgotten), the party mood caused due to yesterday's farewell party, the usual laziness, trying to study when the mind is elsewhere...that is the condition of all my schoolmates (my classmates, especially) thanks to the two major upcoming exams. I myself juggled between the ever boring commerce and English Literature today. I wonder why, but no matter how I try, I simply can't get commerce into my head.

Approximately an hour after I study the subject, I forget the contents. :( The same goes for the most annoying subject known to woman (feminist here), Environmental Education! I will never be able to figure out why this subject out of all had to be compulsory. Math has always been my mortal enemy. That leaves out three subjects...three subjects I actually enjoy. Home Science, because I score well in it, Economics because the teacher is really good, and English because it has been my favourite subject since Grade 1! :)

Well getting back to the subject of exams, I am actually CONFUSED about how I feel. I know I am supposed to be tensed & worried, and bury my head in the books, but I am feeling really relaxed...unfortunately. It's weird, honestly speaking. Two years ago when I was in the 10th (also in the 9th), I used to be completely focused during my exams and wouldn't even remember that my blog, FB or IF or any other site even existed. And look at me now. :-o Somewhere along the line I am sure all my batchmates feel the same (except for the members of that one nerdy class). 

Anyways I am not too sure what more to write, as this is definitely not my favourite topic to write on. Next time I should write about hypocritical television actors who stoop to the most disgusting levels to publicize themselves as they have absolutely NO acting skills, or about why Harry Potter beats Twlight BIG TIME, or just about anything...just NOT exams.

With that said, I am logging off,
Midnight Queen

P.S:- Wish me all know I have exams pending.